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What’s Better? Private Driver Tours or Group Driver Tours?

When on vacation in a place like New Zealand, where driving from place to place is going to have to happen if you really want to see the country, you may want to employ a driver to take you around. This is relieves the issues and cost of renting a vehicle, driving the actual vehicle, parking the vehicle and insuring the vehicle. However, the question then becomes: what’s better? Private driver tours or group driver tours.

There are pros and cons to each of course. When it comes to private driver tours the good and bad is evident relatively immediately. As it will be private, you will have your own car for your family and be the only group being serviced, meaning you can suggest things that the driver can take you all to, changing course whenever you want. This will allow you to stop immediately if you see something you want to visit, or change directions or stay as long as you’d like somewhere. Of course, having this type of freedom comes with a higher price tag, which is an obvious con to the whole experience. Though can one really put a price on freedom, especially when on vacation?


When it comes to group driver tours, there are a number of pros and cons and well. The negatives are what people usually notice first. You are with a number of other people in a group who you most likely won’t know unless you’ve really coordinated a larger group vacation. This means you not only have to put up with these strangers throughout your journey, you will also have to do things they want to do that you won’t want to do—and vice versa. This is not an ideal vacation by most people’s standards—however, a group driver tour will be less expensive and still show you amazing things in a place like New Zealand.

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